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The electronics industry is constantly speculating when a home video game system will be developed that fully utilizes the capabilities of television. This landmark will be achieved later in 1983 with the planned introduction of INTELLIVISION III, a revolutionary video game system from Mattel Electronics.

"The new unit features built-in voice synthesis, high resolution graphics with intricate detail, infinite colors and life-like graphics," explained Peter Pirner, senior vice president of marketing for Mattel Electronics. "We believe we have achieved the state-of- the-art in video game technology," he added.

The outstanding graphics and game play of Intellivision III will be achieved through the use of 320 x 192 lines of resolution as well as the ability to show more moving objects on the screen than any other video game system. The unit also features nearly infinitely programmable colors and the ability to move objects on the game screen twice as fast as other video game systems.

Intellivision III's six full channels of sound effects and music can be enjoyed through a stereo system with built-in stereo hook up jacks. The unit also features built-in voice synthesis capabilities which allow for use of specially programmed voice cartridges without an add-on module.

The high-tech console will come with remote battery-operated hand controllers which provide for comfortable video game play anywhere in a room. The hand controllers each contain large tactile feedback keys as well as a full size joystick. The unit will also contain ports for two additional hand controllers so up to four players can participate in a game at one time.

The sleek design of Intellivision III will be complemented by LED (light emitting diode) read-outs which indicate sound level, on/off, proper cartridge insertion, and pause mode.

The unit, which is subject to FCC certification, will be compatible with all Intellivision and Intellivision II cartridges as well as Intellivision II add-on modules such as the Entertainment Computer System.

"Due to the compatibility of Intellivision III, we currently plan to have over 50 software titles available for the unit by the end of the year," commented Pirner.

A selection of action-packed games will be available for Intellivision III in the areas of sports, space and adventure. All games are designed to make the most of the system's advanced capabilities such as lifelike graphics and interactive sound effects.

"It has always been the goal of Mattel Electronics to provide the most sophisticated home video game system possible," added Pirner. "With Intellivision III, families can experience the ultimate video game experience."

Mattel Electronics, based in Hawthorne, Calif., is a division of Mattel, Inc., and the creator of fine-quality electronic products including Intellivision Intelligent Television, the Intellivision Entertainment Computer System, Aquarius Home Computer System, M Network entertainment software as well as portable electronic products in sports, strategy and music.


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